At 3am in this morning I had something of a realisation.

You know, one of those moments where ones brain literally sighs and says ‘oh, of course….’.

And it’s an interesting one because in hindsight it’s so flipping obvious, and yet it’s remained perfectly elusive up until now.

Having failed…

When I was 21 I dropped out of University.

I’d just received a job offer from one of the best ad agencies in London and the lure of a salary, a shared flat with creatives and the chance to start ‘adulting’ made it seem like the obvious thing to do.

A few years ago on a trip to Kobe, I had the oddest experience. The memory of which still makes me wince, laugh and sigh in equal measure.

Be warned, you may have read Kobe and imagined it’s an experience with a beer fed cow (that would indeed have been…

Irrational. Illogical. Incomprehensible.

Three words that perfectly sum up something I did last year (pre-COVID), something that still confounds me whenever I think about it. Not just for how nuts it was, but also because as someone who specialises in human behaviour and marketing, I really should have known better.

I made a discovery recently that surprised me. Not just a little, but quite a lot. And at the root of it was something rather ordinary.


If you just read the word soap and got ready to bounce out of this article, bear with me a moment, as I…

“Ultimately truth is binary whereas honesty is a spectrum…”

In the past week I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of honesty.

Being honest.

I’ve always considered honesty to be a synonym for truthfulness.

That if one is honest, one is always truthful.

But in the past week, as…

Today I did something I never do, I made a comment on a strangers post on Facebook. I couldn’t help myself. Normally a consumer of content, an observer rather than a participant, this time it felt too important not to comment.

The post was about the ‘perfect man’. A consoling…

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve lived in my imagination. From as early as I can remember, every day I used to spend hours day dreaming, living in worlds my mind would conjure up.

Worlds filled with magic, adventure and endless possibilities.

Worlds that had no rules, no…

Elizabeth A Lockwood

A behaviourist with a knack for problem solving. Insatiably curious about everything and everyone. Intrigued by the unusual.

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